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Finance Basics for YOUTH ! This Sunday at 1pm!

General Joel Scott 21 Jan

Money and Finance is the only game in the world, you HAVE to play, but no one tells you the rules!

Think of it like swimming lessons. In the deep end, it’s scary, there’s a good chance you could drown if you don’t know how to swim. So that’s why you learn to swim in the shallow end first before you venture into deeper waters.

As young adults, you get thrown into the deep end in the world of money with no life jacket. It’s a deep pool with plenty of sharks. Protecting yourself and learning the basics of how to swim in the shallow end is the best way to start.

This Sunday January 26th at the YMCA Cobourg,  I invite you to join us in the shallow end of the money pool!!

I am hosting a workshop on finance basics aimed at youth and young adults. Parents, you’re welcome to join us too!! It’s a chance for young people to be introduced to the world of money, budgeting, and begin the path of learning about healthy finances.

Y Members can sign up by phone 905.372.0161
Non-Members $25

Yours in Success!