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Free Financial Resource E-Book

General Joel Scott 1 May

We’re all experiencing the pandemic differently.

From our emotional health, to our families, friends, social connections, our employment, our business and financial health, everyone has a different experience dealing with the pandemic.

My hope in offering this FREE E-book, is to provide some clarity and answers to many questions you may have about your mortgage and financial situation.

You’ll find

  • Mortgage Lender Contact List
  • 5 point Checklist for Managing Financial Difficulty
  • Tips for Emotional Support
  • How Lenders are Helping
  • List of Financial Measures offered by Government
  • Links to Provincial Pages for Support Measures

I hope you find the information helpful. Please share with anyone you feel could benefit from the information.

To download your FREE Mortgage/Financial E-book please click  CovidBooklet-Joel Scott