Be Money Ready in the New Year-5 Finance Steps to Take Now

General Joel Scott 10 Dec

2021 Financial Reboot – 5 Steps to Take Now As we recover from the insanity of 2020, and the financial stress that often comes with the Christmas Season for many families, it’s a great time to review your money and give your self a financial reset. For many of us, pre-covid, December is a whirlwind […]

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Free Financial Resource E-Book

General Joel Scott 1 May

We’re all experiencing the pandemic differently. From our emotional health, to our families, friends, social connections, our employment, our business and financial health, everyone has a different experience dealing with the pandemic. My hope in offering this FREE E-book, is to provide some clarity and answers to many questions you may have about your mortgage […]

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Should I Defer My Mortgage Payment?

General Joel Scott 30 Mar

It’s been a wild and weird past few weeks in unprecedented financial times. Shutdowns, physical distancing, lay offs, income interruptions, fear, uncertainty, all of it ….AAACK! We all need a little reassurance. Whether it’s emotional, financial or otherwise. Time to breathe…..focus…and look at things through the lens of what’s in front of us, not the […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Mortgage Rates and Terminology

General Joel Scott 4 Feb

When you start shopping for a mortgage (stop, we can do that for you) you’ll come across a lot of financial lingo about interest rates.  You’ll likely come across several different types of rate terminology and knowing this terminology is important in understanding how you make decisions for your mortgage. There are a few different […]

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Finance Basics for YOUTH ! This Sunday at 1pm!

General Joel Scott 21 Jan

Money and Finance is the only game in the world, you HAVE to play, but no one tells you the rules! Think of it like swimming lessons. In the deep end, it’s scary, there’s a good chance you could drown if you don’t know how to swim. So that’s why you learn to swim in […]

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General Joel Scott 17 Jan

Life Happens.  I get it. You get blindsided with some major unforeseen expense, or catastrophic life event that affects your income or ability to pay your bills.  When life happens, your credit score can pay a hefty price. And that can result in costing you thousands in unnecessary interest costs. (for more on this – […]

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Credit 101-Knowing the Basics Can Save You $$ Thousands $$

General Joel Scott 7 Jan

Quick, what’s your credit score? …….waiting…….waiting…..oh, you don’t know?  Don’t panic, most people don’t know their credit score.  Why would you? Who cares? Why is it important to know? Well the answer is simple. Knowing your credit score, and how it can impact you, can save you thousands of dollars. To understand the world of […]

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2020 Financial Reboot – 5 Steps to Take Now

General Joel Scott 30 Dec

2020 Financial Reboot – 5 Steps to Take Now As we recover from the visiting, the parties, the gifts, the meals, the company and the general hustle and bustle of the Christmas Season, it’s a great time to review your money and give your self a financial reset. For many of us, December is a […]

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What are Debt Ratios? And Why Do I Care?

General Joel Scott 16 Dec

When it comes to mortgages, whether you’re buying a home, or refinancing an existing property, there are 3 main ratios you need to know about that can affect your ability to secure financing. The first two are related to the ratio of debt a person carries in relation to their income, and housing. The 3rd […]

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